Kuogi Socks – Finished

I’ve heard all sorts of comments about how disproportionate this sock looks, but I guarantee you, it fits perfectly. I’m just finishing off the second sock, just the toe decreases to go and then I’ll try take a photo of the socks on my feet so you can see that they do really fit perfectly well.
Actually despite the looks, I’ve already had requests from my aunt and mum to make them some, although they think that it’s a lot of work, actually I averaged 1 week for the first sock, and am doing the same for the second sock. So for a pair of socks, I guess it’s just two weeks total.
Well I’m off for a long weekend (4 whole days) at my parents farm. It’s carnaval on Tuesday next week, and we’ve closed the office on monday, so no getting up early for 4 days, woohooo. Also I get a lot of time to finish off the second sock, project 128 and I’ve already started knitting the Bernat Mystery Afghan KAL (freebie on the bernat blog – www.bernat.com/blog), so I’ll be working on that and I’ll have some progress shots for you next week.
Have a great weekend everyone

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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