Sock Knitting

I really should be focusing on finishing my cross stitch project no. 128 (shown in my previous post), but when browsing the web yesterday I came across a simple sock pattern on Andrea Wong’s blog ( then follow the link to the blog at the bottom of the page). Seeing as I’ve been meaning to try knitting socks for some time now, I decides that this was as good a time as any. While in Australia I bought Patons Big Baby 4ply yarn (60% acrylic, 40% nylon 100g/420m) in this variegated color (picture above) which according to the label is Color 3910 dye lot 763786. It’s really thin yarn and even though the label says to use 3.25mm needles I don’t have any double pointed needles in that size, so I decided to go for 2mm needles instead. I’m still on the ribbing, but I’ve decided to only do 3 inches of ribbing as I prefer short socks, but if these work out fine, I might just make another pair where the leg part is longer all the way up to my knees. Anyway, the photo below shows the ribbing at about 1.75 inches which is where I got to yesterday. During my lunch hours I managed to add another inch or so of knitting in between beeing interrupted every now and then. So tonight I’m going to finish the ribbing part and carry on with the pattern. Will show updates shortly.


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