Christmas Presents Part 1 – Knitted Gifts

First of all let me start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. These are the knitted gifts I gave away at Christmas in 2009. The first picture shows a Cuddle Bunny which is a freebie from Lincraft Australia, the yarn I used is something I had in my stash and that I’d bought years ago in Holland, it’s really cuddly and soft. I’ve actually made this one twice. This one in blue and then one in a dark purple which I made for a baptism. The second photo shows the finished Best Friend kit I’d bought in Australia (i showed the progress in a previous post), and this is the finished and sewn together item. I made this one for myself but my mum liked it so much that I’ll be making one for her as well. The only thing I have to do still to make it 100% complete is make the clothes, but I’ll be doing that with the help of my mum and gran when I’ve finished the two cats I’m currently making which will then be shipped back to Australia for the little boys of the friend I stayed with as they begged me to make them for them while I was there. The two Christmas Stockings were Kits I bought at K-mart Australia and they’re by Palette Collection. They were both really simple to make and I managed to complete them in a day each. These I gave to my two close work colleagues here in Portugal as we always exchange presents at Christmas time. I got a lovely necklace and some scented candles on a little plate, which I’ve already used and they smell really nice.
The little heart to the bottom was just a pattern I found on the internet (mochimochiland) and I had to try it out. Since then I’ve already made one using double pointed needles to create a seemless heart and that worked out really well, so I’ll be creating a whole lot more over the next year.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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