Sydney – Australia

So it’s been a while since last I wrote and with good reason too.
My last weekend in Australia was spent with my friend in Sydney. We caught the 8am flight from Melbourne on the 27th of November and landed around 10ish in Sydney after which we made our way to our hotel via train and then walked the rest of the way. We managed to check in to our room at the Darling Harbour Holiday Inn. We went to our room and changed clothes as we’d left a wet Melbourne behind to arrive to a very hot Sydney and then left to explore the Darling Harbour area. By 17.00 we were so tired, having gotten up at 5am that morning, and then walking around the Sydney heat that we decided to head back to the hotel, but not before getting some food for dinner. We ate in our hotel room and we had an early night. The following morning we got up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast and went off towards Darlinghurst, Paddington and King Cross. We had planned on taking a bus there, but our tickets weren’t good for the buses going in that direction so we walked the whole way. By noonish we were pretty much done with the whole area and headed towards the Royal Botanic Garden where we came across a pub/bar with my name Raquel on it, but we didn’t go in as we had lots more to see and we’d just had our rest.
We walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens towards Mrs. MacQuarie’s Seat which is this place carved out of the rocks where the Mayor’s wife used to spend her days watching the boats coming in to dock at the wharf. After having a look around there we walked along the waterfront towards the Sydney Opera House which is magnificent. As we got there it started to rain a bit, but we didn’t mind in the least as it cooled us down slightly (it was over 35C that day). We had a good look around the Opera House before heading along Writer’s Walk towards the wharf where we caught a ferry back to the hotel at the end of the day.
Our third and final day in Sydney we took the ferry back to the wharf close to the Sydney Opera House and from there we headed to The Rocks, and area on the other side of the Harbour Bridge which we’d not had the opportunity to explore the previous day. When we were done walking around there we took another ferry to Taronga Zoo with the intention of going in, but the entrance fee scared us off and we went on a Nature walk instead, but we only walked half of it, because by this time our legs were pretty tired of having walked the whole weekend. Finally we headed back towards the hotel catching a bus after doing some souvenir shopping where we spent about and hour or so relaxing with our free drinks before heading back to the station to head to the airport and back to Melbourne.

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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