Stitching / Knitting Update

Ok, no photos, simply because I’ve been to lazy to take them. I have however finished all the ornaments I brought with me, save for one (the last one I showed on black Aida) because I still haven’t decided whether or not to keep it myself or give it away.

I finished the knitting part of the dog from the kit I’d bought at Lincraft here in Australia, so now I just have to put it together, and then sew the little clothes for it. I’ve actually already had requests from my friends little boys to knit them a cat each with little outfits, so i’ll have to do that when I get back home, because I just don’t have enough yarn left in the kit to complete another one (maybe if I’m very careful I might), but I know my mum has the perfect yarn to make them at home so I’ll do that when I get back. It only really took me two afternoons to knit up, so I’ll be able to do those quickly. Also these two little boys have asked for some hats, so I’ll be knitting them when I get back as well, as I didn’t bring the pattern along with. Their mother, my friend, has asked me to do something more in cross stitch for their walls and one loves cars in general, but specifically all the characters from the Disney movie CARS (I have the perfect thing for him) and the other one loves trains, and I actually have several cute train charts that I will be making. In other words, I’ll be quite busy after Christmas making everything for them so that I can send them to her asap.

Oh yeah, I also knitted a Christmas stocking. I went with my friend to Kmart (yes they have that here in Australia) and we found some lovely kits, and as I just happened to have bought the right size needles, I decided to start on it immediately, I finished it an afternoon, I just have to sew it up and add some ribbon or something so it’ll be ready to hang up somewhere in my house.

I’ve also restarted on the EMS Rose SAL. I only have the three bottom parts (10-12) to finish now, and I’m already halfway through part 12 leaving part 11 and 10 to finish off next, don’t think I’ll be able to finish them before going back home to Portugal, but I’ll be able to do quite a bit of it.

Next time I promise to have loads of photos to show of all the finished items, that’s to say finished with stitching or knitting, just not put together.

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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