Maru Koala & Animal Park

Here I am feeding one of the kangaroos at the Maru Park, it was absolutely fantastic because we got to get in with the kangaroos and handfeed (as seen in the photo). We were only cautious around the big male kangaroo, but for the rest the others were all following us around for the food. We saw females with their joeys (babies) hanging in their pouches and some bigger joeys hopping around. We also saw and petted the wallabies which are smaller versions of kangaroos and there were even some albino kangaroos and wallabies, which I’d never seen before.

The park was also home to 4 Koalas, but unfortunately in the state of Victoria it’s illegal to hold them, so we were only allowed to get close enough for photos and we weren’t allowed to pet them. If you want to pet or hold a Koala in Australia, you have to go Queensland which is the only state that allows it because their Koalas are much smaller than the ones found in Victoria or New South Wales. That means that the next time I come to visit my friend in Australia, I’ll have to take a longer vacation and I’ll be traveling up to Queensland to meet a Koala up close and personal.

There were also 3 dingos which were really friendly, they came right up to the fence and wanted to be petted, but we told the boys not to touch them, because you never can tell with animals. The wombats were also very cute, although a lot bigger than I’d thought and we weren’t able to handle them either due to their weight and size. The one animal that I would have loved to have actually held, but which are quite vicious, they bite, were the Tasmanian Devils. I quite like them, but like I mentioned before they do bite and there was a big sign warning everyone to not get their fingers close to them as they will mistake them for food and bite/eat them. The park was also home to several Emus, which are really quite similar to Ostriches, which I saw a lot of in South Africa when I lived there. Actually I think the Emus are a bit smaller than the Ostrich, but I can’t be too sure.

We had a great day, the weather was warm but not boiling and there was some cloud cover when we arrived, although they disappeared by the time we decided to go home. It was definitely a worth while experience, and one I’m not likely to forget too quickly.


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