Philip Island – The Chocolate Factory

One of the other places we visited while on Philip Island this weekend was THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Seeing as both my friend and I loooooove chocolate we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go visit it. These two photos just show some of the things that can be seen inside the factory. The village at the top is made completely out of chocolate, the only non-chocolate things are the railway tracks, trains and lamp posts. The lamp posts are actually candy canes and others are lollipops.
Another great piece of art is the photo below, they’ve actually made The David out of chocolate, it’s it just yummy. There was also a picture of Dame Edna made out of 12000 pieces of chocolate. It took them over 2 weeks to make the chocolates for the picture and then it took 4 people 6 days to assemble all 12000 pieces to make the final portrait. I couldn’t get a good shot of it which was a real shame, becuase it was fantastic piece to look at.
We also had a go at all the machines that make chocolate, at least the ones with access for the public and we saw a chocolate waterfall. We also got to have a look (through glass) inside the factory as you walk right past it and got to see some people at work making some chocolates.
Don’t ask me how, but we managed to actually walk out without buying a single piece of chocolate, maybe because we stuffed ourselves with all the free samples inside the factory.
It was great walking around, although it was a bit on the small size, but definitely worth the visit.


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