New Australian Stash

While my friend took her boys off to get their hair cut yesterday I was dropped off at the Glen Waverley mall where I went straight to the Lincraft store where I bought the above featured items. There’s a “Best Friends” Kit which contains all the cotton yarn and fabric you need to make either a knitted rabbit, dog or cat (I’ve chosen the dog); then some Patons’ Big Baby 4-ply yarn in shades of blue and light purple, which I’m sure I’ll find a project for; some Cleckheaton 100% Bamboo yarn in aqua and light green; three Singer Collectibles tins (the two small ones are to give to my mum and gran for them to keep their pins in and the big one I’ll keep to put my sewing machine goodies in); 5 pairs of 25cm bamboo knitting needles in sizes 2/2.5/3/3.5/4; some baby blue ribbon, a ruler to measure knitting needles (not on photo) and a diary for next year.

I love knitting with the bamboo knitting needles as I don’t seem to get such sweaty hands with them compared to the metalic ones, but in NL and PT I can only find the long ones, and so when I saw they had 25cm or 30cm bamboo knitting needles in the store, I had to get them, and they weren’t all that expensive, actually they were a lot cheaper than the ones I bought in NL last year. I might just have to go back and get the rest of the sizes.


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