Lincraft’s Best Friend Knitting/Sewing Kit

Having finished my cross stitch project yesterday afternoon (except for the letters to put on the back, which I haven’t figured out yet) I just couldn’t resist the Best Friends Knitting/Sewing kit I’d bought at Lincraft, so I opened it up and had a look at the pattern to see if it was easy or difficult, but it was easy.

I took this photo after having started already, so there were initially three balls of white 100% cotton yarn. Luckily one of the size bamboo knitting needles I’d bought at the store as well was the right size to start knitting, so I had everything to start the project.
The picture above shows the first arm, still have to knit another one, which is what I’m going to start as soon as I finish this post.

So here we have two legs.

This is the body of the dog. I must say that even though it’s quite thick cotton, I managed to make all the items above with only one ball of cotton. I’m only now starting on the second ball, so I’ll use that to make the 2nd arm, the head and the two ears, and then I’ll switch to the brown to make the patches and the nose. I’ll do the sewing together and stuffing when I get back to PT, and I’ll have a go at making the clothes. On the picture the dog has little shorts, but I think I’m going to be making the dress instead as it seems easier to make. I’ll do this at my mum’s house so that I’ll have help with it if I need it as I’m not too great at sewing with the sewing machine just yet.


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