Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia

Last week Friday my friend and I decided to visit the Queen Victoria Market close to Flagstaff Station in Melbourne. I loved the visit, but thought that everything was very expensive, it’s definitely a tourist orientated market and not for the locals. The main reason we’d gone to the market was to buy fruit, but we ended up only buying some watermelon because the rest was just way too expensive.

But like I said, I loved going there just to see the market and walk around in it. The fruit was very beautifully displayed, as you can see in the picture, everything was very much colour coordinated and everything very neatly put together, I didn’t see one messy stall. The fruit and veggie section was really small compared to the souvenir section though, which was a shame.

They were also selling some very nice sauces and other preserves. Doesn’t this look appetizing. I know my friend and I were practically drooling at the ingredients in these sauces and preserves, all naturally made with natural ingredients. Must try some of the combinations myself at home.

One thing that I did notice was that some of the fruit and veggie names here in Australia are slightly different than the ones I’m used to, but I guess you have that everywhere you go. It took me a while to figure out what fruit and veggie they were referring to, but I now know what they’re talking about when I hear certain names.

The other section of the market was much bigger and housed all the souvenirs. I took this picture for two reasons, one becuase I liked the sign hanging saying to beware of imitation UGGs and the other one because of the Kangaroo furs. There were so many stall selling Kangaroo furs, of course these furs came off Kangaroos that were killed for meat, they were not shot purely for their furs. Kangaroos are a bit of a pest in certain parts of Australia and their level has to be kept down, and so they use their meat and furs for other purposes.

We had a very nice day, and it was a great to have seen the market and all the great Ozzie souvenirs.


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