Neighbours Tour, Erinsborough, Australia

Being a Neighbours fan I had to of course go do the Neighbours tour. My friend Mira is also a Neighbours fan, although she doesn’t get to watch it too often as it’s at an inconvenient time for her, but she loved going with me on the tour. To our surprise though we found out that Ramsey Street is actually really close to her house, so next time we won’t do the official tour, we’ll just go to the street and see if we can’t see some filming going on.

We got to meet one of the actresses that used to be in the show, but has already left. She also signed a postcard for us and then took several photos and she answered all the questions people had for her.

Here I am on the set of the show, this the outside of the hotel where they still shoot, and only the reception scenes are filmed at this location, the rest is all filmed inside the studios. However due to a private function at the studio on Saturday we weren’t able to go inside, and we only walked outside.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen Neighbours since just before leaving Holland last year, as the BBC decided to cancel the show, and so I wasn’t able to see it anymore. The show is also not available to me in Portugal, but I might start watching on the internet when I get back. While here in Australia I get to watch it on TV, that is, if we’ve finished dinner by then, which is usually the case.


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