Cross Stitch Finishes

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d brought several small cross stitch projects with me to make here in Australia, well I’ve already completed three of the 6 small ones, so I’m half-way through.
The first one I completed I already showed in a previous post. This is the second one I completed. I used two different specialty threads that I got in a grab bag from I saw the specialty thread grab bag in the Stoney Creek on offer, and I bought it along with some other things. I’ve been meaning to use the threads for something and now I finally decided to use it. The Aida also came from a grab bag on offer at Marilyn’s and it came along with the specialty threads when I ordered them. It’s grey Aida, but I thought the contrast with the reds/pinks was very nice. For the backstitching I used regular Anchor threads, which was most like the darker reds from the specialty threads.

I used the same design and alphabet to create the third ornament. This is also using a specialty thread. It’s a yellow that changes into a nice peach colour, but it’s not really that visible on the photo. This time I decided to use a dark beige Aida also from the same grab bag. I’ll only be finishing these ornaments off properly when I get back home to Portugal, as I didn’t bring any stuffing or ribbons with me, and I have yet to find a needlework/craft store here in the Melbourne/Mount Waverley area in Australia.
So the two above were each done within three days, well evenings really, as that’s the only time I get to stitch, because during the day I’m either sight seeing or helping my friend out with her kids.
So two evenings ago I started on the final ornament I brought along, which is black Aida (also from the grab bag) and some Anchor floss (no. 167) which I still had in my stash. The designs for all these ornaments are freebies off the internet, but I can’t remember where I got them, as I’ve had them for a while. So two evenings ago I only worked on it for an hour before getting tired and I got as far as the picture above.
Yesterday evening I was stitching for about 2.5 hrs, and I’m now pretty much halfway through the design. I need to do another creature (not sure if it’s a lion or a dragon) on the other side and then also the leafy bit at the top and a bit at the bottom between the two creatures. The lighting today wasn’t too great so the photo really doesn’t do justice to the colour I’m using.
Once this side is finished I’m going to add initials to the back. I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to keep this one for myself, or if I’m going to give it to someone, so I’ve yet to decide which initials I’m going to be stitching, but by the time I’ve finished this side I should have decided.
Till next time, when I’ll have some more photos of activities I’ve done or new updates on my stitching.


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