Baby Quilts

When my mum found out that my friend was going to have her first baby she decided to make a little baby quilt. Then when she found out that my friend was going to have another one she made one for the second baby also. At the time I’d not remembered to take photos, but being here in Australia finally gave me the opportunity to take the photos I’d forgotten at the time.

The quilt to the left was the one made for the second child, and it uses little pieces of fabric that used to be dresses that my sister and I wore when we were young. The quilt to the left is the one belonging to the oldest boy and that too uses fabric from dresses I used to wear, although not as many. Just making a regular quilt wasn’t going to cut it, so my mum made sure to add plenty of animals and little bits and bobs, which aren’t too visible on the photo, but up close you can see all the little details. The parents love it and so do the boys, and that’s what’s most important.

This year she made another quilt for the first grandchild of a close friend of hers and my EMS cross stitch piece is hanging right next to it and they’re both being used for educational purposes as well, because the parents point to the animals and other objects and then say what it is, so the baby is learning something, even though he’s not quite speaking yet.


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