Circuito da Boavista

Finally found some time to write again. So it’s been a hectic couple of weeks since I last wrote and I went to help out at the farm during a weekend, because my mum broke her arm. Anyway, I missed the first weekend of Circuito Boavista (more information can be found on the official website but seeing as I was more interested in the “historical” car races I didn’t mind too much. So last weekend I got up cleaned the house and then after lunch on Sunday I got Dakota, my camera and some water and started on our walk from my house to the location of the races, which really isn’t that far. I arrived at one of the corners of the track just as the Porsche race had begun, so I wasn’t able to cross the bridge they’d constructed especially for the race to get into the Parque da Cidade (City Park in Porto) where I knew I’d have an excellent vantage point. So I stood at the bus stop watching the race which lasted about 20 minutes. Actually didn’t get to see much of the race, because a lady walked up to me and started talking to me about pets. Really I usually don’t mind, but I was there to watch the race and ended up not seeing much of anything. So the Porsche race was for any type of Porsche of any age, of course I liked the older ones much better than the new ones, as you see the new ones out on the street. The older ones were the original Formula 1 & other Race Cars used from the 50s onwards.
So the real reason I went to the races last weekend was to see all the “Old Timers” or “Historical” cars, however, I didn’t find them. That’s to say there was a tent where there were about 10 cars, but not like two years ago at the last races when they were all lined up on the street. This year I only found the Mazda MX-5/Miata’s and Ferrari’s lining the street. I was a bit disappointed for not being able to see the vintage cars, which I love, I have one myself as you can see in the previous post. I did enjoy myself though, I’m not usually much of a car fanatic, but this is something that I really like, especially because they use the original track they used to use in the old Formula 1 races when they were still held in Portugal. I regularly travel along this track as it’s just a regular road the rest of the year.
The photos as the top were from this year and two years ago. The one on the left shows the cars lining the street this year, like I mentioned just the Mazda MX-5/Miata and the Ferrari’s. The picture on the left shows the street two years ago lined with the vintage cars, much more my style.

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