World Volks Wagen Beetle Day

So this past Monday (June 22nd) was World Volks Wagen Beetle Day, and I really wanted to take mine out for a spin, but unfortunately there’s something wrong with it that won’t allow the battery to charge, so it’s just sitting in my garage until I find the time to have the mecanic come and get it.

This car is very special to me, my grandfather bought it second hand in the 70s, I even have pictures of me in the car, which was a grey/beige color then. After my grandfather was no longer allowed to drive due to health problems, it just sat in a garage for years and years, and ended up rusting slightly, so I had a mecanic friend of my godparents take the car apart and do a complete overhaul on it. One of the back parts covering the wheel had to be replaced as apparently the first owner (not my grandad) had smashed it and had done a really lousy job of fixing it and when they went to remove the rust the piece just fell apart. So anyway it took about 2 years to complete as he wasn’t working on it full time, and he had a retired friend of his working on it on weekends as well. Actually his retired friend was the one that took the engine completely apart and cleaned every last bit of it before putting back together again, the only thing that was replaced there was a coil that had completely rusted away. I didn’t like the original color too much, found it a bit boring, so I asked the mecanic to paint it in a light blue with a hint of turqouise. This is not quite the color I wanted, but it suits the car just fine, and I can totally live with it. For the interior I chose a grey fabric and pleather, so now I just have to be careful with Dakota’s nails when she comes with me. Now that summer is finally here, I definitely want to start driving this little guy during the weekends, so I guess I’m going to have to get to the mecanic real soon.

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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