117 – Au Bonheur des Filles

This is the latest project I’m working on. It’s already number 117 since I started keeping track of all the projects I make in 1991. I guess that’s not really a lot in 18 years, but considering I was still in school in the 90s and had a lot of studying to do I don’t think I did too badly. Also I was into making big projects, now I quite like making small ones as well as they’re quick finishes.
This is a freebie from Des Fil En Aguille a French site. I started it last weekend while at the farm. During this week I’ve worked mainly on the top part. I still have to finish the farmhouse and then I’m going to start on the alphabet in the middle. I’m making this for my parents as they live on a farm, and this goes nicely in the dining room, or wherever my mum decides to put it. I’m making it for their wedding anniversary, which is only in December, so I have plenty of time to finish, but the way it’s going I’ll have it finished by the end of July.
So I’m stitching this with Anchor 1006 on white linen, which I forgot to dye first. I have no idea what kind of linen it is as it came in a Linen Grab Bag I purchased from Marilyns.com several weeks ago. Seeing as the design itself is only 164 x 164 I have quite a bit of Linen left at the top, so I’m going to cut it off and stitch a small design on it, maybe the duck or one of the piggies, and then try dying it after the stitching to see how it turns out. If it turns out ok, and the red doesn’t bleed too much I’ll do the whole piece. At the moment I think the linen is just too white against the red. Will have to see how the finished piece looks and make the decision afterwards.
Well that’s basically all the stitching news I have for now. On another note, my only remaining grandmother went in for a hysterectomy on Friday and all went well, she’s now recuperating in the hospital and should be released on Monday. I went to visit her today and she wasn’t doing too badly, she said she had no pain whatsoever, but she wasn’t able to keep any food down, but my aunt came as well and stayed with her to make sure that she’d get something to eat, as it’s very important for her to get her strength up. After her hospital stay she’ll be going to the farm and staying there for some time, as she’s not allowed to overexert herself at all as they also had to sew her bladder into place as that’s what was causing her health problems.

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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