Presents for my Mum

Here’s the finished piece I made as a Christmas present for my mum. I’d given her the option to make it into a bag to put potpourri in or into a pillow, and she chose to make it into a pillow. the design was a freebie by Kristin Edwards, but can’t remember where I downloaded it from. The writing on the left I made up myself. This was one of the first things I tried to stitch on Linen, and I actually quite liked it. You can’t see it on the picture above but it’s all stitched 1 over 1, it’s a bit clearer on the close-up below.

The picture below shows the Christmas present and the Birthday present together on a chair in my parents’ bedroom. The reason that they’re on the chair is to avoid the dog getting them dirty. She won’t jump onto this chair as it’s a rocking chair and so it moves when she jumps.

Having seen this work, my aunt hinted that she would like something similar. I’ve already started thinking of what to make for her for Christmas.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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