Farm Oddities

Here you see my mum holding one of 3 giant mushrooms she uncovered under a whole bunch of bramble bushes she was cutting away. I kid you not, this thing, the biggest of the 3, is about 25cm in diameter if not bigger (didn’t get a ruler to measure it). The stem is about half the size it was originally as my mum accidentally cut it while removing the bramble bushes.

In the background you see some plants that still need to be planted and a tub full of water with some water plants that will go into our pond, when we get around to deciding where it’s going to be.

Ok, so we all know what woodworms are, they’re those nasty little critters that get into our wood furniture and eat it all up. Well, ever seen one that’s been allowed to grow and grow and grow. No, well, just take a look at the picture to the right. Yes, you’re eyes are seeing it right, you’re not being deceived here, the worm is as big and as thick as my index finger of my left hand. This wasn’t even the biggest of the lot that my dad found while digging around in the soil. He was digging around a rock in the backyard and uncovered a dead root which he tried to remove. When a piece broke off, he uncovered about 6 of these “beasts”. You can just see its little legs while trying to dig itself back into this chunk of wood.

Will see what kind of new sight I see this weekend. It’s supposed to be good weather again, and I’m off to the farm again, so will go do some hiking around to see what I can find.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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