Dakota at 9.5 months

Here’s some photos I took over the last couple of weeks of Dakota. She’s now 9.5 months old, and quite well behaved. Especially seeing as I take her to the office with me every day, and she doesn’t bother anyone. Actually she’s the one that gets “bothered”, there’s two colleagues of mine who love to play with her, and regularly chase her around the office. They really like catching her down stairs where we have wooden floors, and she doesn’t have that great a grip and slips and slides alot, as you can imagine she’s not too fond of that, she prefers playing upstairs where there’s carpet and she’s got grip and can run without staying in the same location.
The photos above show her enjoying a brand new bone, I give her one about once every month, because otherwise all my money goes to her bones. Actually found a new type of bone made from plastic with a chocolate flavor which is guarantees to last months if not years so she’s got that to chew on at the office. The remainder of the photos show her enjoying the sunshine by the balcony. While I’m not there to supervise her she’s not allowed out by herself, am afraid she might jump up trying to catch one of the many birds that fly around here, and as we’re on the 3rd floor, wouldn’t want her to go over the side. So while I’m not with her, she’s got to stay behind the windows, when I am around she gets to step outside. Off to my parents’ farm tomorrow, so she has all the space to run around chasing birds and Jojo will see if I can’t get some decent shots of the two together.

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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