PORTO – Wine Tasting at Sandeman

This lady was our tour guide throughout the “caves” of Sandeman, one of the many producers of Port Wine. My friend and I wanted to do a wine tasting and this was one of the ones that had an English Tour starting within minutes of our arrival, we had tried going to Calem, but we’d have to wait for a while, and seeing as we still had a lot to see, we decided we’d try another one, and so Sandeman it was.

Throughout the tour you get to know the history of the place and you get to take photos of everything you see. the barrels you see in the picture are actually the small ones only containing about 3000 litres, they have really big ones that take up to 42000 litres. After the tour we got to taste the Tawny Port and the White Port. My preference went for the White Port, although I don’t generally drink it at all.

I actually know one of the wine tasters that works at Sandeman, he’s a family friend, and I’d told my friend about it and then when we were watching the movie, giving more of an in-depth view into Sandeman he actually appeared in it. After visiting Sandeman we made our way across the bridge again to continue our sight seeing experience.


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