Dakota Update

So here’s my little girl, Dakota. I took her to the vet and she gave her a clean bill of health. Because she was only 4 months when I got her the vet warned me that she would undoubtedly start losing her milk teeth soon, and wouldn’t you know it, the very next day I start finding little teeth all over the place. Of course what with her chewing her bone every second she could it helped. As you can see in the picture she loves her bone, and she hates it when you take it away from her.

Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent in the other picture, makes you wonder what she was up to before I took the photo. Well, I did come home to find my phone charger chewed to bits as well as a notepad I had on top of the coffee table, but hey, it really was my own fault for leaving them lying around with a 6 month old puppy who only wants to get into misschief. So I can’t really blame her now can I.

She just spent the week at my parents farm to recover from her sterilization. She needed someone to keep an eye on her so that she didn’t lick her wound open. Luckily there are no visible stitches, the vet used dissolvable thread and managed to put all the stitches safe for the last one on the inside.

She’s doing great and i’m going over to the farm this weekend to pick her up and bring her back home with me so that I can play with her again. But she’s been having fun, having my mum fuss over her and of course my mum’s dog, Jojo, has also been keeping her intertained.

Jojo is a real riot, she growls and pretends to be really annoyed for having to share all her belongings, and space with Dakota, but the moment Dakota isn’t around she mopes around for several days because she misses her friend.

Dakota and Jojo thank you all for reading this blog and I’ll keep you all updated on their progress.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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