As you may know, if you’ve been following my blog since I started, my little baby boy Max died in September, and ever since I’ve been searching for another little puppy to keep me company. No new puppy could ever replace Max or the other dogs I’ve had, but is always a welcome addition to the family. Ever since I was born I’ve always had a dog, I think the longest we went without a dog was when our first dog Duchessa died and then I think it was about 2 years before we got a little Yorkshire Terrier puppy in April of ’88 we named Gigi (the picture to the left taken in 2000). She had a long and happy life and even gifted us with a little puppy of her own, which we kept and named Tessa. Gigi died in September of 2003 and only two weeks after her passing we got some really bad news to do with Tessa (picture below right). Turns out our little Tessa, at age 11 at the time, had a tumor growing in her liver, which unfortunately was inoperable becuase it was surrounded by blood vessels. The vet seemed to think she was lucky if she survived another 20 days after the diagnosis, well she proved them all wrong, because she managed to live pain free (she was on medication) for another 2 whole years, she only passed in November 2005.
It was almost another two years before we got JoJo from the pound. She was 14 months when we got her and was absolutely terrified having had a very rough start to life. However, with all the love we gave her, she was soon very much at home, and a shadow and companion for my mum who doesn’t work. Now she did have some problems with going for walks, especially if my mum would take her, because any person who came too close would be seen as a threat and she’d want to attack. Let’s not even get started on cats and dogs. I solved that problem by taking her for walks, and I’m a bit more firm in my commands and hold and managed to get her to walk nicely on her lead and refrain herself from attacking anyone or any dogs. Cats are just a different story, I think it just has to do with her breed. She’s a Parson’s Jack Russell Terrier and they’re hunters.
Here she is lying on the back of the couch using this pumpkin I knitted as a head rest, completely at ease.
So after we got JoJo in August of 2007, there was still something missing and little 6 month old Max (picture in previous post, no. 2 I think) came into our lives, but he wasn’t meant to stay for the 13+ years we had our other Yorkshires and he died at 15 months. So now we’re up to date on all the dogs I’ve had in my lifetime till now.
So I was missing a companion after Max passed and have been looking for one ever since. Now every Monday in our local newspaper there’s a page with a whole bunch of dogs that need adopting, and last week Monday my dad told me to have a look because there was a nest of 6 puppies up for adoption. I called up the lady who was housing them, becuase they’d been found abandoned on the streets, and she still had several available. I went to have a look that evening and told her to reserve me this cute little thing so that I could talk it over with my parents. Well after having talked it over, we all decided it was best if my mum came to have a look as well, and we could then decide, based on her personality if she would fit in with JoJo, because even though she doesn’t attack other dogs anymore, she’s still not too keen on them coming too close. My mum also fell in love with the puppy and we brought her home. We were prepared for the worst, but luckily things turned out ok, and the two little girls are best friends now. I’ve named the puppy Dakota. She still needs to be housebroken, but with the help of JoJo we’re getting there. Seeing as Dakota is a street dog, we have no idea what breed she is, but I don’t care, she’s mine and she’s cute, that’s all that matters to me. Curious yet as to what Dakota looks like, well take a look at the photo below.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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  1. She is so perky. You did good girl!! She looks so happy to be where she is.Shay

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