Completed Cross Stitch

Seeing as I can’t show the cross stitch projects I’m working on at the moment I’ve decided to show some of the ones I’ve completed in the past. This White Tiger, a Ross Originals Pattern I bought at my local LNS at the time, was completed 7 years ago in just 3 weeks time. I did it the summer my grandfather died after a long illness, and every time I look at this tiger, it just reminds me of him. At the time the LNS in Portugal didn’t carry any black fabric, so I made him on white Aida, but he probably would have stood out a lot more on the black Aida. I love the big cats, and this white tiger is amongst my favorites. I’ve also made a Puma on black aida fabric, but i’ve not had the time to take a photo of that one yet, and also it isn’t framed, but I’ll post it some time in the future.
Have a great weekend.

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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