Cold front hits Portugal

Well we’ve had a cold front arrive here in Portugal. This means that the temperature has dropped at least 10°C because we suddenly feel the cold. It’s about 13°-18°C during the day, and actually that’s quite nice especially if the sun is shining, but we’ve also got this wind that’s blowing and it won’t let up. I don’t actually think it’s too bad, except for at the office. We don’t have and air conditioning system or heating system, as the other company who was in our building before us ripped it all out and took it with them, and we’ve not had anything installed because we’re still waiting on a quote. But after this week, I think that we’ll definitely be putting a rush on ordering some sort of airco or heating system, becuase if it gets much colder outside, we’ll be absolutely freezing inside.

That was the weather update. I’ve been finishing off several of the Christmas presents I’m making and I’ve got three complete and the fourth one is also almost complete. When I say complete I mean that the stitching is done, I’ll still have to finish them by framing or making them into the items I envisioned. But seeing as they are Christmas presents for people who visit this site, I can’t show any progress, I’ll have to show the finished pieces after everyone has received them. I decided to take a little time out on Sunday from cross stitching and so I knitted the first block of the wolhemel KAL and it turned out quite nicely, it was actually quite simple. Don’t know when I’ll get a chance to get to the next block, probably only after Christmas.

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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