This weekend I spent some time down at my parent’s farm and we all went to do some “harvesting”. Starting with picking all the grapes we could get at. You see the farm is slightly overgrown because no one has been taking care of it for the last 60 odd years, so the grapevines have pretty much grown into the trees, so all the good grapes are at the very top, but we couldn’t reach them. We managed to get about 4kg or so of small sweet red grapes.
The other thing we “harvested” this past weekend was chestnuts. The trees are full of them, but not too many were on the floor yet. You see, chestnuts are only ripe once the prickly casing has fallen out of the tree. At the moment they’re still very green, so there weren’t too many on the floor surrounding the trees. The ones we did manage to find were really small, but really tasty, I just couldn’t resist trying them out.
I figure in about another 2-3 weeks, there will be plenty of chestnuts ready to “harvest”.
As for my hobbies, I did get quite a bit done on this secret project, actually I figure I’m about 2/3 of the way through. Another week and I should be finished, and then I’ll have another 2 secret projects to make before I can start showing stuff again.

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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